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spazz_unite's Journal

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Spazzworthy fandoms in the form of graphics :)
where spazzworthy fandoms unite!
This is a simple icon community, with graphics made from virtually any type of fandom known to mankind, with a focus on Asian culture. Anime, video games, music, doramas, and more.
Join or watch if this strikes your fancy~

S a c r y d e » resources

K e a r i n » resources

N a k a l e t e m e » resources

1. Comments are beyond appreciated.
2. Constructive criticism is even better, just be nice about it.
3. Textless icons are NOT bases, unless otherwise stated!
4. Credit us for what you take.
5. Never ever claim them as your own. We spend time and energy on our graphics; it wouldn't be very nice to take credit where it isn't deserved, ne?
6. Icons are open to the public; layouts are members only.
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